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Gay hook up central park


Real cruisy, very cats travel through the park looking for quickies. But so many do hit and runs that you can stay and get more going down all through the night. Gay hook up central park, freaks, tree smokin, blacks, latin and obsessive white guys. There has been a raise in entrapments and other anti-gay police misconduct in NYC.

The Gay City News focuses needs to know what's going on. Therefore, please send them a short "witness report" by e-mail. You can contact them through the following e-mail address: Alas, the days of threeways, fourways and moreways in the open are long gone, especially on the peninsula. For several years, doing anything anywhere but deep in Gay hook up central park bushes way, waaayyy away from any paved walk or well worn path is really just asking for problems with the popo.

There is not enough cover anywhere in the winter.

And cop-blocks in Central Park...

Guys - be careful here. I walked through tonight just to see if anyone was out in the cold, and at about 6: They were getting it on in the peninsula.

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