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Sexualised photoshoot


Having done a couple of amateur nude shoots when I was younger, I celebrated achieving my longstanding aim of "Sexualised photoshoot" a book deal by using my hard-fought hipster contacts to get a talented photographer to photograph me — and my dog — fully nude, for a non-bank-balance-breaking mates-rates discount. I am very happy with the results. Unfortunately, though, none of those being printed contain full frontal nudity. This upset me a bit, because though I can understand a business not wanting to sell pornography, the photographs of my penis were documentary at best, boring at worst.

Sex as Valuable

I do not have a toned, muscular, body, I do not have a massive penis. I wanted a picture to show what I am underneath my clothes, not just what I look like.

Non-sexualised nudity is important and...

The photographs show me as I am: Not blind to my imperfections, Sexualised photoshoot not overwhelmed by them either.

Understanding what my body is forms a big part of understanding who I am: I am not a naturist: I do not think we should be naked all the time, I do not think we are all inherently beautiful, but I do wish that here in the UK we had a healthier relationship with nudity.

Police say they intend to...

When I was a child, I had an aged relative who lived in a tiny village in Norfolk. Two or three doors down the road lived a married couple who were naturists. One summer afternoon I was walking towards the little grocery shop in the village centre, and passing the garden of this infamous — in my extended family and probably in Sexualised photoshoot village, too — couple and I saw a man in his 50s pushing a lawnmower back and forth while "Sexualised photoshoot" nothing but a tiny, tiny, thong.

I was scandalised, as were all my family, except for the year-old we were visiting. Our bodies are not inherently and constantly sexual. There are Sexualised photoshoot public baths in many parts of the world, and there are many, many nude beaches in the rest of Europe.

Our British attitude towards nudity Sexualised photoshoot an aberration, as a provocation, makes us hate ourselves. It is ridiculous that I have always felt more comfortable being naked in front of people I want to love or desire me than I have, casually, before or after going swimming or playing squash with a friend.

Where It All Starts

By keeping our nudity as something special — but sexual — we make lives harder for everyone. Without shame towards ourselves comes a healthier attitude towards the bodily nudity of others. Being more comfortable benefits everyone.

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