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What does just for kicks mean


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I've been using this term for as long as I can remember so I'm comfortable with it's meaning however, as I'm sure I What does just for kicks mean make an educated guess in terms of the origins of the slang 'kicks', I'm quite curious to learn the authentic origin.

I've tried researching online and while I've found the definition countless times, it seems that the back story is scarce. This site is my last stop so fingers crossed, one or more of you have the information I'm looking for. Kicks for shoes in general is at least 19th century.

A Jazz Lexicon by Robert S. The Literary Digest for August 25, page 47, Hathitrust published a letter, dated July 2, from a violin player who had joined the army:.

A snippet of page of The Rap Attack: Pumas and Nikes are the current favourites. In Irish author James Joyce's Ulysseswritten early in the 20th century, one character refers to another character's shoes as "kicks", so the term was familiar in Ireland at least that far back.

Kicks just means any kind of laced shoes, though it is often used for basketball type sneakers, and sometimes reserved for new shoes.

It's not known where the slang term originated. Might also have evolved from the expression "kick off your shoes" a common expression which pretty well describes taking your shoes off, often WITHOUT using your hands: Therefore the shoes are "kicks", something that you kick off. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Top definition. just for kickscollege...

What is the origin of the slang 'kicks' meaning sneakers. There's some discussion of this on Wordreference.

for ˈkicks

It doesn't pin down an origin, but it agrees with my intuition that this is recent slang confined mainly to teens and twentysomethings. Kicks for shoes in general goes back to late 19th century.

And here I thought it was coined by Foster the People. The Oxford English Dictionary dates it to The Literary Digest for August 25, page 47, Hathitrust published a letter, dated July 2, from a violin player who had joined the army: John Pease 21 1. Good find, and good answer! The answer would be even better if you could find the actual quote and edit your answer to share it with us.

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