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Does weight have anything to do with snoring


Studies have shown that interrupted, ineffective and shortened sleep patterns — often caused or accompanied by snoring — will indeed lead to weight gain.

And weight gain also can lead to various health problems, including hypertension, elevated sugar levels which can result in diabetes type 2 and other conditions that would probably not be present in the absence of the weight gain.

A pioneering and lengthy study of 68, women with habitual sleep problems was started in and then conducted for 16 years. Women sleeping five hours or less gained 30 pounds more than women who slept seven hours or longer.

Losing weight can improve airflow...

These astounding results were published by the American Journal of Epimediology. Gaining weight because of poor sleep and snoring is a double-edged sword. Weight gain can also turn snoring into sleep apnea, which causes interruptions in breathing during the night that can last for up to 10 seconds each occurrence— and can occur as many as times during the night.

For instance, some people recommend using pajamas with a tennis ball sewn into the back.

Sleep specialists weigh in on...

This forces you to sleep on your side, which is better for preventing snoring bouts. If your snoring is caused by sinus congestion, you can try using a humidifer.