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World trade center einsturz simulation dating


Eddie on December 05, I only wish it had reached a broader audience when it might have mattered more. That is a testament to the blindness of our culture.

If there is a future to look back from, one difficult question historians will have to ask is how we let this happen, when so many saw it coming. This site has certainly aggregated enough information and critical thinking to prove that. Started by Guest History. Started by Eddie Marathon Man Newz. Started by Golden Oxen Conspiracy.

Please login or register. Quote of the Decade: May 06, What little computer time I had over the weekend was well filled with this Jeff too.

Couldn't this be made into a blog? World trade center einsturz simulation dating moonshine is no doubt essential to our survival but this seems pretty important too. Doesn't anyone else think so? Surly1 Administrator Master Chef Posts: Here is your one stop shop for conspiracy ideas, misstatements, etc.

An afternoon's worth of entertainment and engagement: Listen to physics professor Steven Jones talks about microscopic chips of nano-thermate and iron rich spheres. Nano-thermate and iron spheres were found in the dust. This woman collected on sample of the dust.

Hey Ben, what's with the repetitive posts? Can you go in and delete a few of those please? RE on May 13, Must be a software glitch of some kind. I wonder if its related to the skyrocketing Page Hts numbers we are getting?

Last time I checked today we showed 11K Page Hits.

National Geographic has a fascinating...

I have listened to over six hours of Prof. Judy Wood interviews, and she has me pretty well convinced that the definitive weapon that destroyed the three towers was a directed energy beam that "dustified" it. Her approach is to assume nothing - just look at the crime scene as it is and without any preconceptions. There are two problems with the nano-thermite theory.

One is that it doesn't explain all the evidence by a long shot. I am lazy - listen to Wood yourselfand the other is that it is really hard to analyse for unreacted nano-thermite, as in the end it is just tiny particles of iron oxide and aluminum - not the most exotic of materials. Nano particles of steel would oxidize in seconds from the air at ambient temperature.

Wood also intensively researched the purported beams being sent off to NJ and then China for melting ASAP and discovered that it was an "urban myth" with no paper trail at all. Her book is just full of photos - worth a kg of MSM bullshit.

So where did World trade center einsturz simulation dating huge beams go? They could be cut by nano-thermite, but not destroyed. I am not saying that nano-thermite was not used.

I am saying that if it were used, it would have been as a secondary diversion. It is what I call the salamander approach, where if a predator catches it, the tail breaks off and flaps enticingly, while the animal makes a getaway to grow its tail back at a later date.

The nano-thermite, if it were used, was a diversion to obscure the state of weaponization that the Illuminati has with Tesla technology if their idiotic World trade center einsturz simulation dating fire scenario couldn't hold the muppets in thrall.

They really do not want the status of their Tesla weaponization divulged yet to the muppet class.

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