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What to do in fuzhou

Things to Do in Fuzhou,...

Fuzhou, formerly romanized as Foochow, is the capital and What to do in fuzhou of the largest cities in Fujian province, China. Along with the many counties of Ningde, those of Fuzhou are considered to constitute the Mindong lit. Eastern Fujian linguistic and cultural area. This is a wonderful snapshot of buildings and architecture in the old town. The streets are wide, uncluttered and full of friendly local people doing the same as you, just wandering.

Shops sell the usual trinkets with some excellent calligraphy etc, but beware some prices as they seem to vary depending on your perceived wealth!

The mist sprays from the top of the buildings really do keep the streets cooler, which is welcome. Well worth your time to visit. Xihu - meaning West Lake. Not to confuse with West Lake in Hangzhou: My mother-in-law brought us here as it's a place she What to do in fuzhou to go when she was young. It's a nice and peaceful place in the city.

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Great for slow walk, morning exercises, running and boating. We rented a electric boat and sailed around to enjoy the nice weather. I took a metered taxi from my hotel in downtown to Gushan Main gate with cable car. Fare about 35RMB Going up the mountain: Mini Van touts at the entrance at the foot of the mountain. I took the cable car ride up is about 25mins to reach.

You will see nice view of Fuzhou What to do in fuzhou and many trekkers below you. The cable car station at the top is not really the top or peak. To go to Yongquan Temple Gushan you will have to walk the mountain trek and stone pavements for What to do in fuzhou 20 minutes. Quite a walk from the cable car station to reach the temple. Other sites along the way can be avoided. Temple entrance fee is 40RMB many locals will avoid this century old temple because of the price.

It quiet place good for Buddhist to take a look at this. But I am a tourist I travel from a place far away. I do understand the entrance fee is quite pricy to visit. Maybe the local take a cut from it rather than the temple monks. I treat is as part of my donation to the temple. He was a Qing Dynasty man who led the fight against opium smuggling. More than exhibits are on display here including Lin's official clothes, seals, memorials to the throne and calligraphy.

The museum recounts how he fought against the invasion of Western countries but also has an open attitude towards modern cultures, science and technology from the West.

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A beautiful Buddhist Temple in Fuzhou, well worth the detour if you're in town. The pictures do it justice. This place is tastefully developed into a commercial street.

If you get too much of a culture shock, there is also a MacDonald's. Other than the shops, some of the house has great historical value. Many of the houses are opened as free art galleries so you can enter for a good look. If you head to the end of the street, you can go to Lin Zexu's house for a visit.

Few minutes drive from main City, National Forest Park is spread on a vast area with lots of different trees, lakes, rides for kids etc.

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We chartered a private transport to bring us from Jiji town to Dongpu lodge where we stayed for one night before starting the climb the next day. It was pretty cold up in the lodge. The lodge was quite run-down with rudimentary bath room. Hot What to do in fuzhou not shower was provided. We had to bathe with a bucket. Meals dinner and breakfast were provided by the lodge. The meals had to pre-arrange were balanced with vege, meat and even fish but was not very tasty.

Blankets not sleeping bags were also provided but the linens didn't look very clean. The climb from dongpu lodge to Paiyun lodge took us 4. It was not as difficult as we expected.