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Ebony hardcore tumblr


I had a terrible nights sleep on my sisters Ebony hardcore tumblr. I was still in between places and looking for my next move. I dropped my daughter to school early and headed to my office to prepare for my sessions.

I laid back on my couch researching the latest news, the lotto popped up on my feed. The night before I had went over to the gas station near my office and grabbed 3 tickets. Two were quick picks and the final one was Ebony hardcore tumblr out with numbers that ran thru my head possibly subliminally pushed into my subconscious.

**Talking to myself: No Breyana,...

I continued on with my day picking up an extra ticket just for shits and giggles. I fantasized about what I would do with the earnings but, drew a steady blank lol. I would have no idea what to do with all that cash. I know for a fact I would spend a week doing nothing just to ground myself, invest in the best surgeons for my nephew that was shot 8 times due to gang violence and was no paralyzed and buy a Ebony hardcore tumblr compound on the water and move momma to the big city.

Something was different, I was ragingly horny today I was at my peak ovulation. I booked client after client until around 7pm. I had a busy profitable Tuesday. I enjoyed myself having all the kinky fun I could have, I defiantly made new regulars that day, I sucked… I fucked… I made eyes roll.

I was that bitch. I had a hot date with Dom that evening, I had been lusting after him all day long we exchanged dirty texts and I even sent him a few photos… Ebony hardcore tumblr pussy was on fire. When he arrived he looked handsome as ever shortly after 9: I greeted him with a huge and a big wet, nasty kiss. We sat for a drink.

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