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Icq 40s chat


This document is designed to guide a user through the functionalities of our new chat room. To enter a room, Icq 40s chat click on its name. The number in brackets beside the room name reflects the number of users in the room. Each room may have Icq 40s chat properties as listed. It presents the form for the user to log into the server. Component Description Display Name Your desired display name that others will see when you are chatting.

This will be the username if you are logging in as a member. Password Password for your username.

Applicable only for logging in as a member, activated by the "Login as Member" checkbox. To be a member you must register first. Login Icq 40s chat Member Check this to login as member and activate the password input. Remember login details Check this to remember Icq 40s chat username and password on this machine.

Use this only for personal machines, and never at public terminals such as internet cafes. Login Button Click on this button to Icq 40s chat to Chat room. Status Message Located below the form fields, any system status or error messages will be displayed here.

Interface Layout This is the general interface layout for Chat Room. Component Description Header Panel Quick access buttons panel to perform actions at application level, such as connect, logout, etc. Banner Slideshow Banner slideshow as configured by the administrator. Main Panel Tabbed interface, usually containing the chat area which contains the conversation transcript. The Icq 40s chat page and user profile pages are also displayed in this panel.

User Input Panel Main text box for user input, including formatting options, picshare, etc. Side Panel An accordian-tabbed interface, also known as the properties panel.

Component Description Welcome page that is customized by the administrator. This tab is usually not closeable. This is the chat area which contains the conversation history. It may also contain the AV clips of other users in the room or private chat. The user profile is valid only for members.

This tab displays a set of fields defined by the administrator, and is editable if the profile belongs to you. Chat Area This Icq 40s chat the chat Icq 40s chat which contains the conversation history.

User Profile The user profile is valid only for members. If you are logging in as a guest, your profile will be empty as below.

Component Description Displays the list of rooms available on the server, structured in a tree format. To enter, simply double-click on the room of choice. Displays the list of users present in the selected room. Available only when a chat area is selected in the main panel. Available to Chat Admin members only. Rooms List To enter a room, double click on its name. Open Normal open room. Closed Normal users are unable to enter closed rooms.

Private Hidden from rooms list, accessible only by entering room name. Leave Room Leave room. Delete This Room Delete room. Refer to Create New Room for details. Enter Room Enter a room under this group via the following popup. Enter a Room Enter a room using full path via the following popup. This is a modal popup window where the user may create temporary rooms which will exist until the creator logs out or when the room is empty.

Parent Group Indicates the group that the new room will be created under. Room Name Name of the new room.

Chat Rooms

Password Password required to enter room. Max Users Limit the maximum number of users in the room. Each user's avatar is shown on Icq 40s chat left of the name. Double-clicking on a user loads the user's profile. Each user may possess certain attributes, illustrated by icons on the right. Speaker Speaker for the room. Request Private Chat Request private chat. It allows the user to set personal preferences which will be saved and Icq 40s chat on the next login.

User Text Color Sets the text color of the user's own messages. It can be selected from a dropdown color palette.

Teens, adults, students can meet...

Reject all private chat requests Automatically reject incoming requests for private chat, except for requests from buddies. Ignore other users' text colors Ignore the user's text color settings and default the text color to black.

And many more User Input Panel Main text box for user input, including formatting options, picshare, etc. The dropdown allows you to change your online status. Bold Toggles the bold status of selected text in the text input area.

Italic Toggles the italic status "Icq 40s chat" selected text in the text input area. Audio Emoticon Selects Icq 40s chat audio clip to send to the chat room. PicShare in private chat Pops up a small browser window, allowing you to select a picture to upload to the chat room.

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