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Each product consists of a range of information layers grouped into three categories: Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The paper examines geometrical ornaments from ancient mosaic.

We studied the geometric generation by using Computer Aided Graphics for three examples of ancient mosaic: The technique of drawing ancient mosaic is recomposed using computer aided graphics. A program has been developed that can help draw a petal-type arc semicircle of the mosaic that is the Byzantine church of Masada. Based on these mosaicsother variants of aesthetic images in monochrome or black and white and polychrome were drawn, all of which can be materialized in decorative art to embellish various surfaces: Weed map generation from UAV image mosaics based on crop row detection.

To control weed in a field effectively with a minimum of herbicides, knowledge about the weed patches is required.

Manual analysis, which is often required, to detect weed patches Issues related to perspective distortion are reduced by using an orthomosaic, which is a high "Video dating tape of desmond ray piccini" image of the entire field, built from hundreds of images taken by a UAV. A vegetation map is generated from the orthomosaic by calculating the excess green color index Multichannel Image Mosaicing of Stem Cells. Image mosaicing techniques are usually employed to offer researchers a wider field of view of microscopic image of biological samples.

In this work we present a method to achieve three subsequent mosaics of the same part of a stem cell culture analyzed in phase contrast and in fluorescence, with a common non-automated Video dating tape of desmond ray piccini microscope. Extended image differencing for change detection in UAV video mosaics. Change detection is one of the most important tasks when using unmanned aerial vehicles UAV for video reconnaissance and surveillance.

We address changes of short time scale, i. Each observation is a short video sequence acquired by the UAV in near-nadir view and the relevant changes are, e. In this paper we extend our previous approach of image differencing for single video frames to video mosaics.

A precise image-to-image registration combined with a robust matching approach is needed to stitch the video frames to Video dating tape of desmond ray piccini mosaic.

Additionally, this matching algorithm is applied to mosaic pairs in order to align them to a common geometry. The resulting registered video mosaic pairs are the input of the change detection procedure based on extended image differencing. A change mask is generated by an adaptive threshold applied to a linear combination of difference images of intensity and gradient magnitude.

The change detection algorithm has to distinguish between relevant and non-relevant changes. Examples for non-relevant changes are stereo disparity at 3D structures of the scene, changed size of shadows, and compression or transmission artifacts. The special effects of video mosaicking such as geometric distortions and artifacts at moving objects have to be considered, too. In our experiments we analyze the influence of these effects on the change detection results by considering several scenes.

The results show that for video mosaics this task is more difficult than for single video frames. Therefore, we extended the image registration by estimating an elastic transformation using a thin plate spline approach. The results for mosaics are comparable to that of single video frames and are useful for interactive image exploitation due to a larger scene coverage.


MS received 28 April ; revised 22 July Hence, document image mosaicing is the process of merging split Algorithm 2 is an improved version of algorithm 1 which eliminates the drawbacks of A method of fast mosaic for massive UAV images. With the development of UAV technology, UAVs are used widely in multiple fields such as agriculture, forest protection, mineral exploration, natural disaster management and surveillances of public security events.

In contrast of traditional manned aerial remote sensing platforms, UAVs are cheaper and more flexible to use.

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So users can obtain massive image data with UAVs, but this requires a lot of time to process the image data, for example, Pix4UAV need approximately 10 hours to process images in a high performance PC. But disaster management and many other fields require quick respond which is hard to realize with massive image data. Aiming at improving the disadvantage of high time consumption and manual interaction, in this article a solution of fast UAV image stitching is raised.

GPS and POS data are used to pre-process the original images from UAV, belts and relation between belts and images are recognized automatically by the program, in the same time useless images are picked out.

This can boost the progress of finding match points between images. Levenberg-Marquard algorithm is improved so that parallel computing can be applied to shorten the time of global optimization notably. Besides traditional mosaic result, it can also generate superoverlay result for Google Earth, which can provide a fast and easy way to show the result data.

In order to verify the feasibility of this method, a fast mosaic system of massive UAV images is developed, which is fully automated and no manual interaction is needed after original images and GPS data are provided.

Full Text Available In the early phase of the Pleiades program, the CNES the French Space Agency specified and developed a fully automatic mosaicing processing unit, in order to generate satellite image mosaics under operational conditions. This tool can automatically put each input image in a common geometry, homogenize the radiometry, and generate orthomosaics using stitching lines.

As the image quality commissioning phase of Pleiades1A is on-going, this mosaicing process is being tested for the first time under operational conditions. This paper presents the very firsts results of mosaicing Pleiades1A images.

This paper also presents the design of the mosaicing tool and describes the processing workflow and the additional capabilities and applications. Meaning of visualizing retinal cone mosaic on adaptive optics images.

To explore the anatomic correlation of the retinal cone mosaic on adaptive optics images. Retrospective nonconsecutive observational case series. A retrospective review of the multimodal imaging charts of 6 patients with focal alteration of the cone mosaic on adaptive optics was performed.

High-resolution retinal images were obtained using a flood-illumination adaptive optics camera. Images were recorded using standard imaging modalities: On OCT, in the marginal zone of the lesions, a disappearance of the interdigitation zone was observed, while the ellipsoid zone was preserved. Image recording demonstrated that such attenuation of the interdigitation zone co-localized with the disappearance of the cone mosaic on adaptive optics images.

In 1 case, the restoration of the interdigitation zone paralleled that of the cone mosaic after a 2-month follow-up. Our results suggest that the interdigitation zone could contribute substantially to the reflectance of the cone photoreceptor mosaic. The absence of cones on adaptive optics images does "Video dating tape of desmond ray piccini" necessarily mean photoreceptor cell death.

Full Text Available This paper proposes a novel image mosaic method based on SIFT Scale Invariant Feature Transform feature of line segment, aiming to resolve incident scaling, Video dating tape of desmond ray piccini, changes in Video dating tape of desmond ray piccini condition, and so on between two images in the panoramic image mosaic process. This method firstly uses Harris corner detection operator to detect key points. Secondly, it constructs directed line segments, describes them with SIFT feature, and matches those directed segments to acquire rough point matching.

Finally, Ransac method is used to eliminate wrong pairs in order to accomplish image mosaic. The results from experiment based on four pairs of images show that our method has strong robustness for resolution, lighting, rotation, and scaling. Real-time image mosaicing for medical applications. Video dating tape of desmond ray piccini this paper we describe the development of a robotically-assisted image mosaicing system for medical applications.

The processing occurs in real-time due to a fast initial image alignment provided by robotic position sensing.