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Uta no prince sama dating sim game


So a few years ago Broccoli released a game called Uta no Prince Sama. So then after they released 2 fandisks where the art was a million times better and suddenly felt horrible about the crap that was the original UtaPri game. Our story takes place in Saotome Gakuen where students go to become either idol singers or song writers.

Our heroine, Nanami Haruka has enrolled to become an idol song writer, and lucky for her, she gets to be paired with one of 6 hot men to make her dreams come true. Sadly, the school principal Shining Saotome has made a drastic rule that you are not allowed to fall in love. His real mother dumped him with his aunt and then Uta no prince sama dating sim game off to die in a plane crash.

My rage must have passed on to my PSP cause then it froze right then and there rofl. If he wins the best debut song at the end of the school year, then he will Uta no prince sama dating sim game their relationship go and will repeal the no-love rule. However if he loses, he will ban them from the idol world forever and they will never be able to work at any other agency again.

In addition, he also makes Otoya do crazy things like climb up the school building without any harnesses or safety items. Lol see in theory, that makes sense and maybe this is true for like America? Saotome then admits that he was in love with a woman but he chose his idol career over her and so she disappeared from his life.

So then Saotome gives them tickets to take a trip together and so they go to the beach and make out by the sea at night. In the Love ending, which you get if you have less than 80 love points, he writes a letter to Haruka which he confesses her love and asks her to read it in front of him. For some reason the friendship after story was my favorite one lol. Apparently Otoya fell in love at first sight with a bumbling Haruka falling on her fanny in the snow during the start of the school year.

Hijirikawa Masato — Masato is like a man yamato Nadeshiko. He then saw a girl singing in front of an orphanage in the anime it was twinkle twinkle little star rofl. Turns out that girl is none other than Haruka, and he figured it was her when he heard her playing that song on the piano one day in the music room.

Masato also hates milk but when he drinks it for a week with some super Saotome Melonpan, he apparently has a massive growth spurt and so he and Ren who are apparently childhood friends end up with their butlers fighting over the quantities in the school cafeteria.

Things get awkward when Haruka overhears that Masato has a fiance and after they they end up avoiding each other and she gets messages from his servant Jii that he wants to practice his songs alone until further notice.

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