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Dan clark s guide to dating black


How Not to Live Your Life styled in the opening credits as "how NOT to live your life" is a British sitcomwritten by and starring Dan Clark that aired between 27 September and 22 December on BBC Threeabout a pessimistic twenty-nine-year-old man who is trying to navigate his way through life but is not helped by his bad instincts.

After a pilotthe show debuted in with moderate ratings but grew over the course of the three series, doubling its ratings each series because of its cult following.

The third series got viewing figures of 1. Clark was the main character in both shows, and Isabel Fay appeared in Dan Clark's Guide to Datingwhich was shown as ten one-minute clips on the channel, with lists of ten things people shouldn't do on a datesuch as "Ten things you shouldn't wear on a date". The clips began to appear on the Internet and the BBC approached him about doing a minute show in the same format.

The result was the pilot for How Not to Live Your Lifeusing the same style of short clips within a traditional sitcom. The pilot featured a number of actors who did not appear as regular characters in the series — Sally BrettonRich FulcherClaire Keelan and Bruce Mackinnon. Although, Isabel Fay who also appeared in the pilot was in the final episode of the first series, "The Break Up", as Fiona. BBC Three showed the first series on Tuesday evenings at The series Dan clark s guide to dating black features the character of Don giving a narrative and talking to the camera, as well as cut away dream sequences where he gives alternative scenarios such as put downs or physical moves he wished he had thought about at the time.

For instance, in episode four of series one, "The Young Ones", these include, "Eight Ways Don Shouldn't Dance", "Alternative ways to deal with annoying teenagers" and "What Don wished he had said to his flatmate, Abby, while she was necking with her annoying and square boyfriend Kockface on the sofa". Don is a pessimisticsingle twenty-nine-year-old, failing to navigate his way through the very basics of life.

His biggest enemy is his overactive mind, which plays out countless scenes of things he shouldn't do or say. When he moves into a house left to him by his recently deceased grandmother, he meets Eddie, her enthusiastic carer who doesn't want to leave. Don soon realises there are advantages to letting him stay.

To help pay off the huge back payments on the house, Don decides to get a lodger. He ends up choosing Abby, the girl he was in love with as a teenager and whom he still fancies.

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However, Abby isn't single. She has a boyfriend Karl, who Don refers to as 'Kockface'. It started on 15 September The plotline is somewhat different from the first series.

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Abby and Karl did not feature in this series, and Mrs. Treacher Don's neighbour has become a main character as well as having more lustful humour towards Don, along with a new character named Samantha.

The series featured Julian Barratt as a minor character, Jackson. On 21 OctoberBrown Eyed Boy Productions issued a press release on their website stating that series three would begin with a double-bill of Episodes 1 and 2 on 8 November at Laura Haddock returned to play Samantha. On 27 May it was revealed by BBC Three's Controller Zai Bennett that the show would return for a Christmas Special, however he also revealed that this would be the last as the show had been axed.

Several months after Series 3, there have been some changes in Don's life.

The art gallery has closed and he is working in a shoe shop while Jason is managing an upmarket supermarket. Still coping with his romantic feelings for Samantha, Don receives a letter from his solicitors informing him that he may sell the house if he so wishes. He decides to sell it to a property developer for a large sum of money who plans to demolish it. As Mrs Treacher is becoming increasingly difficult to look after, Don and Eddie decide to put her in a nursing home, a decision that is made unavoidable by Don selling the house.

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After a lot of awkward situations, and Samantha believing that Don and Abby are a couple after Abby returns to the house, Don finally tells Samantha how he feels and the two become an item. Also, Don decides against selling the house and things return to normal.

A "5 Things That Happened Next" segment reveals the futures of the main characters. Don and Samantha married on New Year's Day and eventually had nine children, all of them male.

Eddie fled the country after the Police discovered he was a serial killer who grooms men for three years before killing them with kitchen utensils.

Mrs Treacher became a popular session drummer under the name "D-Tree". Dan Clark has been heard saying to fans after his recent live shows that they are unsure as to whether there will be a fourth series.

He explained that "They were good to the channel, but have had their time,". The first series received mixed reviews. The British Comedy Guide said of the show, "The pilot of this sitcom was average at best, lacking both focus and reason.

We really enjoyed the full series though - the stronger premise Don living in his deceased gran's house and plotting to dispense of Karl and win-over attractive Abby and the new character of Eddie David Armand in his best role yet made all the difference.

A great deal of humour can be squeezed from observing the lives of stupid men. Dan clark s guide to dating black Don Danbury is no David Brent and this new sitcom offers nothing except sound evidence that the BBC has now got more airtime than it can fill.

This show is an insult to the intelligence of stupid men everywhere.

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