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Maxie gh dating


She is the eldest daughter of supercouple Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings. The role was first portrayed by Robyn Richards for eleven years, from to The role was then recast with Kirsten Storms.

InStorms Maxie gh dating an extended medical leaveresulting in the temporary recasting of the character with Jen Lilley. Storms has since returned to the role. In Marchit was announced that the role had been recast with former Days of Our Lives actress Kirsten Stormsknown for her five year stint as Belle Blackwho made her debut on May 23, Four months later, Storms was said to be returning, [15] however, her return was delayed and Lilley announced that she would Maxie gh dating remaining in the role for the foreseeable future.

In a personal YouTube video, Lilley tearfully thanked her fans, stating: During an interview with Dan J. Kroll of Soap Central LiveLilley spoke about how she had no idea about her being a recast for Storms or the character of Maxie.

In Mayit was reported that Storms would again take temporary leave from the role; actress Molly Burnett was cast in the role. In Marchit was reported that Storms would take a third temporary leave from the role; with the role not being recast during this latest absence.

Storms began her hiatus on February 16, Mariah Maximilliana Jones is born on Halloween night in and named after her maternal great-grandparents Maximilian Maxie gh dating Mariah Ramirez.

Maxie Jones is a fictional...

Inshe suffers from Kawasaki disease and requires a heart transplant. Meanwhile, her cousin B. Jones Brighton Hertford is in a car accident, leaving her brain dead.

Test results prove B. During this time, Maxie's sister Georgie is conceived, but their father Frisco Jones Jack Wagner leaves town again soon after. Maxie and her younger sister are raised by their stepfather Mac Scorpio John J. York for most of their Maxie gh dating. Maxie's first crush is on Lucky Spencer Jonathan Jackson.

Inshe dates her crush, Kyle Ratcliffe Andrew St. While she loses her virginity to him, he tapes them having sex and later posts the video on the internet.

Maxie also flirts with Zander Smith Chad Brannon and helps him avoid the law. She briefly has a crush on Nikolas Cassadine Tyler Christopher. InKirsten Storms assumes the role of Maxie as the character faces complications with her heart transplant. While in the hospital, Maxie meets Jesse Beaudry Matt Marracciniwho claims to be an undercover cop blamed for a murder he didn't commit.

Maxie helps Jesse and they go on the run. By the time they arrive home, they have fallen in love with each other, much to Mac's dismay.

After Jesse dies in the line of duty, Maxie is devastated, and falls into a dark place, partying Maxie gh dating the time. She turns to Jesse's partner Lucky for comfort, resulting in an affair. When Maxie finds out Lucky has a pain pill addiction, she provides him pills in exchange for sex.

When Lucky decides to go to rehab and win Elizabeth back, Maxie pretends to be pregnant to hold onto Lucky. She fakes a miscarriage, and Lucky later finds out the truth. During the Metro Court hostage crisis, Maxie ends up trapped with one of the gunmen, later revealed to be Cooper Barrett Jason Gerhardt. Maxie covers for him afterwards, and they eventually start a relationship. Maxie eventually tries to call off the Maxie gh dating after Cooper admits how much he cares for her.

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However, unable to help herself after realizing Logan is in love with Lulu, she blackmails Logan and sleeps with him. Later on, Cooper finds Maxie and Logan making out. He tells Maxie that he cannot watch her self-destruct any longer, and ends their relationship. Maxie and Cooper reconcile right before Georgie is murdered.

Maxie is grief-stricken, to the point that she belittles her mother at Georgie's funeral for abandoning them. Cooper is suspected of the murder, but Maxie believes he's innocent. When ae asks Maxie to leave town with him, she agrees, but she later finds him dead of an apparent suicide.

The police further their belief that Cooper was the killer. Maxie refuses to believe this, and teams up with Damian Spinelli Bradford Anderson to prove Cooper's innocence.

Having once been enemies, Maxie and Spinelli become close, and Spinelli develops a crush on Maxie. They are successful in their mission, Maxie gh dating Cooper was killed by Diego Alcazar Ignacio Serricchiowho "Maxie gh dating" murdered Georgie. Maxie gets a job as Kate Howard Megan Ward 's assistant. Logan begins stalking Lulu, upset about their breakup. He blames Maxie for what happened, and attacks her at the Crimson office. Lulu witnesses this, and Logan comes after her.

Lulu accidentally stabs him to death in self-defense. Johnny takes the blame to protect Lulu. Lulu slowly starts to break down and is admitted to a mental institution. Maxie visits her, and they slowly become friends. After Lulu is released, she and Maxie move into an apartment together. Maxie becomes friends with Spinelli, and starts to slowly fall for him, despite Mac objecting and her own uncertainty. She also flirts with Johnny, but the two never establish a relationship. Maxie eventually starts dating Spinelli.

He proposes just as they become exclusive, and Maxie accepts, despite her hesitation. Spinelli finds out Maxie's feelings, and declares he will not marry her at their wedding ceremony. The two agree to take their relationship slowly, calling off the wedding.

Maxie helps set up an art show for the artist Maxie gh dating James Francoon behalf of Crimson. The two end up sleeping together, and Maxie immediately regrets it.

She starts avoiding her family and Spinelli, unable to deal with her guilt. Eventually, Spinelli finds out, and says he can forgive Maxie, but their relationship remains strained. Hoping to reignite their romance, Spinelli sets up a fake case for Maxie to help him Maxie gh dating, but the plan goes awry, and they end up trapped, with Spinelli injured and Maxie suffering from hypothermia.

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