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Wendy marvell relationships dating

Following the disbandment of Fairy...

So this is a series I'm going to be doing and creating for all the characters. And basically this series is going to be talking about the best relationships that a character had with another character, but this can be romance,friendship,family. And today I'm going to start "Wendy marvell relationships dating" my favourite character Wendy! I think there friendship is just absolutely adorable. They really act like best friends, and it's so nice to see Wendy hanging around someone who is closer to her age.

I really feel like Chelia try's her best to make Wendy more confident, and I find that so adorable! They're both very similar but still have some differences so it makes there friendship Wendy marvell relationships dating work out. Okay I really could not choose between Lucy and Erza! I mean there both just such perfect big sister role models! I think Erza and Wendy scenes are more emotional "Wendy marvell relationships dating" impactful, but Wendy and Lucy scenes are more adorable.

It's like she looks up to Erza, and while she still looks up to Lucy, she relates to her better. I think Lucy is grateful to just have another sensible person going on missions with her. They both have really had a great impact on Wendy's development, for example anime only you might not know this but there was a scene where Wendy said something to Erza along the lines of. As for Lucy she really looks out for Wendy, and makes sure she doesn't get influenced by the other guild members: They really like to help each other out.

And together all three of them really act like big sisters! Originally I wasn't going to put this on the list, but I changed my mind when I rendered a certain scene. It was the episode called droplets of time, Gray was acting all weird, and whilst Erza,Lucy and Natsu noticed this, Wendy was the one to walk up to him and ask what was wrong. What I really liked about this Wendy marvell relationships dating, is that it really shows how caring Wendy is, and in my option the best Gray scenes is when he opens up to people about how he feels, which he doesn't tend to do very often.

A lot if scenes with Wendy and Gray really show there character development.

Romeo and Wendy

I also find it cute how Gray and Wendy have a brother-sister interaction, Gray and Wendy's friendship reminds me of Wendy's and Mystogan's. And I feel as if after not being able to see Mystogan ever again, she has Gray, who is there to look out for her as well. They truly have an adorable brother sister relationship, Wendy marvell relationships dating it's not the best relationship Wendy has with someone.

This was so close to being number one, but I changed my mind at the last minute! I think anyone could predict this was Wendy marvell relationships dating to on the list, I mean most of the time Wendy is around Carla. They really bring the best out of each other, and Carla is like an overprotective mom, it's Wendy marvell relationships dating adorable. And that scene in the Tartoros Ark, was so emotional and sweet, and I used to find Carla annoying but because of that scene it's really hard not to try and spoil anything: I grew to like Carla's character, even if Carla is the motherly figure of the two, Wendy looks out for Carla to.

A lot of people might not think about this, but first off all Grandine left Wendy,then Mystogan. When she joined Cait shelter, she found Carla, who was there for her. Cait shelter were illusions but Carla wasn't.

Wendy was upset but she must be so grateful for Carla, as she's never left Wendy's side. And Carla, if she hasn't met Wendy, she might've never found anyone or she could've ended up with someone who has a worse influence on her.

If it wasn't for Webdy finding her, Carla would've never met Happy and Cappy wouldn't be a thing, and Wendy and Carla have saved each other so many times, there friendship is truly just so beautiful. Yes I am a fan of Rowen, so go on say it's a crack ship, but please respect my opinion. Now a lot if you might be thinking they've never had a scene together but if you look closely they have had a few,sure they might not be romantic, but on chapterthey had a really cute moment,and despite having Chelia, Wendy still needs to hang around people her age.

But as much as I ship it they don't have enough screen time to make it on this list. I really really wanted to add this to the list, but like I said with Romeo and Wendy they don't have enough screen time, and Mystogan isn't a part of fairy tail anymore, and I can't see how they could have any interaction again. And I feel like it should've been developed so much more and Hiro made a mistake in not developing it further.

But that scene when Wendy was explaining how she met Mystogan or well what she thought was Jellal, was so Wendy marvell relationships dating and sweet, and it's just a shame there friendship can't be given anymore development. I really like there bond, they definitely have a sisterly bond, and I find it funny how Cana often teases Wendy. There friendship is adorable and this would probably get the 6th spot but as to the reason why it isn't in the top 5, well simply Wendy marvell relationships dating put it, there friendship didn't draw me in nearly as much as the other relationships on this list.

Don't get me wrong I really like the relationship "Wendy marvell relationships dating" two have just not as much as the others. But like most of these honourable mentions, they need way more screen time, I want to see more background and scenes with Wendy and Grandine like with Natsu and Igneel, that Wendy marvell relationships dating definitely more developed then Wendy and Grandine in my opinion.

I love this Brotp! They all share such a loving sibling bond. I feel like people really don't talk about this Brotp enough just because it's not a romantic chemistry. But I love the relationship Wendy had with the two of them.

Even though they're not related they all share such a wonderful sibling connection. Gajeel and Natsu are like the closest thing to a family Wendy can get discluding fairy tail and vice versa. There sibling bond is just adorable.

And I can never choose who I think is the better big brother figure towards Wendy. Natsu is on the same team as her, and he never tries to fight her, like the other guild mates. He acts really caring and nice towards Wendy.

In the OVA 7 he gave Wendy marvell relationships dating a piggy back and it was just adorable. And when he first met Wendy he thought he recognised her which I will get into more later. The connection they have is really deep. And I love the sibling bond they share.

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And even though there not related I feel like there bond is stronger then other siblings in anime that are related. The moments I've liked between the two as in friendship moments! And during all of the edolas ark. Natsu is Wendy's inspiration, and she said to Chelia herself that she looks up to him like a big brother. In the manga they "Wendy marvell relationships dating" a lot more cute friendship moments but I'm trying to avoid to many spoilers but when I talk about the manga I'll put up a spoiler warning.

Moving on to Gajeel. He's always so cold and acts tough all the time but I can tell that he has a soft spot for Wendy.

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