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Sexy pictures of eva longoria


We fell in love with her when she starred in the hit ABC television series Desperate Housewivesa show about a group of ladies living secret lives on Wisteria Lane.

She is a lovely woman, both inside and out, and besides her stunning good looks, she is a genuinely talented actress who has appeared in both television and film.

She has even worked as a producer, which just goes to show that she is both gorgeous and intelligent. Be sure to catch Sexy pictures of eva longoria Mexican-American actress in the upcoming film Low Riders, and you might even see her cameo appearance in Devious Maids.

It sounds like Eva is just a shoo-in for these types of seductive series and roles! Now sit back, get comfortable, and check out these photos and realize that you wish you had your own Desperate Housewife.

In this sexy picture, we get to see Eva Longoria letting her fun and flirty side show. Her hair is all done up in a wavy ponytail that looks sassy and sexy as her golden brown tresses fall down her back. Sexy pictures of eva longoria

Eva Longoria Exclusive PICS....

Eva is in a playful position for this photo, as she reclines back on her elbows while resting on what appears to be a satiny pillow behind her but is that really what you're focusing on?

Just be careful not to damage the goods! Only Eva Longoria could make the combination of a bikini and a bed look so inviting. With her slightly parted lips all decked out in red lipstick and her smokey eyes, Eva is perfection and makes it clear why she is so desirable.

In this photo, she is wearing a tiny black bikini that showcases her body and also makes many people out there jealous of her toned and tanned tummy. She is also wearing a light jacket, but she has it hanging Sexy pictures of eva longoria of her back, so that her shoulders and chest are completely exposed.

What a crafty little wardrobe trick there! Kudos to the photographer for setting up this sexy scene, now we just have to find out where Longoria will be hitting up a beach in the near future.

Here we have just another example of why Eva Longoria needs to be a lingerie model, as soon as possible. Even at 41 years of age, she is one sexy seductress, and this next photo is a grand example of that.

Eva is spread out on the floor with her booty popping in the air and her bare stomach looking extremely touchable. Everything about her seems to be asking for caresses, and her facial expression in this photo is both coy and cheeky. Her black booty shorts "Sexy pictures of eva longoria" making us hot under the collar, while her cut-out top is black and electric blue to add some pizazz to the picture.

Not that she needs it! She looks ready to hit the floor. In this picture, she is lounging on a contemporary chair in tiger print, which adds even more exotic appeal to the actress.

She is wearing little else than her black silk lingerie, which is super sexy and seductive. Eva has her hands above her head and her legs crossed as she stares up at the camera and gives us this look that lets us know she is in charge here.

The final element to this photo is a long silver necklace that reaches down from her neck, over her torso, and onto her thighs.

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