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Willebrord snell wife sexual dysfunction


See next natal chart: Sign Up For Our Newsletter. Harmonic Life Astro Chart. Willebrord Snell, Dutch astronomer and mathematician b.

exclusion ofwomen, gate-keeping function, gentlemanly...

The Scorpio native is critical, suspicious, skeptical but enterprising, reserved, tenacious, determined and secretive. Fond of luxuries but economical and calculating; restless, energetic, fond of travel, especially on water, and admires grandeur in nature attends Willebrord snell wife sexual dysfunction own affairs in business but in matters of duty may make trouble for others.

In speech plain, blunt, sarcastic and forceful; in politics or law very aggressive. At best, original, scientific, sagacious, daring and creative, capable of much success through bold enterprise. Fine engineers, contractors, surgeons, chemists, detectives and sheriffs are born in this sign.

Pluto is the planetary ruler of the e sign Scorpio. Longitudinal Aspect Legend Cutoff for error is 3. The less the error the more powerful what is written for each aspect.

Error of zero being strongest. Vocations are statistically calculated from analyzing aspects in overcelebrity and famous people's charts. Aspects are weighted by vocation keywords then compared to a birth-date and ranked. The correlations are uncanny in many instances. See previous natal chart: King Charles IX of Sweden b. Copyright by Harmonic Life. Neither is a very important aspect of itself, but at times may make the native extravagant, overfond of pleasure and luxury, amorous and mutable in the affections.

Some delay or misfortune in love affairs and in dealing with the opposite sex. Loss through speculation extravagance, or carelessness. Impressionable, mutable, imaginative, indecisive, speculative and over-sensitive. Tendency to change, not enough continuity, fixity, Willebrord snell wife sexual dysfunction and stability of mental attitudes. Poor memory for dates and facts in history.

Nevertheless, dexterous, ingenious, or clever, and possesses many good qualities. Temporary derangements of the Willebrord snell wife sexual dysfunction through the nervous system, stomach or bowels. Unsuccessful or unpopular writing; public criticism. This is especially the case when the moon is in the tenth house; a turbulent home life; a tendency to say hurtful things in the heat of passion, only to regret them later; discussions of serious personal matters are best avoided until moments of intense emotion have passed.

When the aspect is an enhancement, the native usually finds truth in Judeo-Christian values.

When the aspect is not an enhancement, the native is usually attracted to non-Judeo-Christian ideas. Generally, the native is highly responsible, faithful, and peace loving, but willing to fight and die for a cause. Impulsive, sarcastic, abrupt, peculiar, electric and independent; danger on or the near the water; trouble through the opposite sex, difficulties, annoyance and possibly separations; troubles through Occult affairs and unreliable friends.

Not good for health, tending to upset the stomach and digestion, causing mental disturbance of different kinds, sudden or peculiar changes in feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes. Restless, active mind, ever desirous of new scenes, new working material and surroundings; cannot stand limitations.

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