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I rounded off my two week trip home with a side journey to Washington, DC to visit Madeline. She and her roommates were packing up their dorm in preparation for graduation, so I had to buy some breakfast for myself. Our main destination of the day was Annapolis, Maryland. This colonial seaside town has a lot of charm. The Borat soundboard ebaumsworld sexual harassment around the Maryland State House were overflowing with schoolkids on field trips.

They were led by costumed guides like the fellow pictured here. We decided to tour the interior of the State House the oldest state capital building in the country! This is the Senate chamber. Annapolis has a lot of these colourful colonial clapboard rowhouses that are perhaps more reminiscent of New England than the Mid-Atlantic.

You can see the top of the State House in the background. We headed down to the harbour for lunch. Most of the restaurants were out of our price range, but we stumbled upon an authentic Italian restaurant with cheap paninis.

The quality was fantastic. We ate them on the edge of the harbour near Borat soundboard ebaumsworld sexual harassment Naval Academy. It was a warm and humid day, and it definitely felt like a beach day. Although we had originally thought about going to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, we realised that the Atlantic was just too far of a drive.

We aimed our sights instead on Chesapeake Beach, MD, which turned out to be a major disappointment.

The one small stretch of sandy beach had a Borat soundboard ebaumsworld sexual harassment entrance fee I took the picture from behind a fence. With time to kill, we decided to head further across the countryside of southern Maryland towards Calvert Cliffs State Park.

A 2-mile walk to the shore brought us past some lovely flowering trees. The cliff trails were closed because of all the landslides, but we admired the view. Out on Chesapeake Bay, we spotted a number of shipping barges headed out to the ocean. I decided to take advantage of the weather by going to High Park via subway. I found a good place to get away from it all — High Park is pretty big. After walking through the woods for a while, I needed some energy.


The hot dog stand provided. High Park runs right up to Borat soundboard ebaumsworld sexual harassment edge of Lake Ontario. This Great Lake was looking splendidly blue on the 12th. This giant maple leaf lies on the edge of the Hillside Gardens.

Apparently they plant red flowers in it later Borat soundboard ebaumsworld sexual harassment the season. The sun was at just the right angle on these forsythia bushes to make them brilliantly aglow. Unfortunately, the brightness washed out some of the detail, but I really like the colours nonetheless. I had gone to the park in the hopes that these Japanese cherry blossoms would already be in bloom, but I was too early.

Ironically, I discovered the next day that U of T had some comparably beautiful but small blossoming trees on campus. One of the highlights of High Park was all the dogs. On my way home from High Park, I stopped at the nearest supermarket to my house, which is right off the subway line.

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I took this picture when I abandoned my basket. The trees in the city were actually greener and blossoming earlier than those in the park. I liked the colours and lighting in this shot. I believe this statement is painted on some kind of afterschool recreation centre, but I liked the juxtaposition with the CN Tower. I had Cheerios for breakfast in my room. The books and papers strewn about all over Borat soundboard ebaumsworld sexual harassment place are an appropriate metaphor for my life at the moment.

I did some preliminary acoustic measurements Borat soundboard ebaumsworld sexual harassment chart the low vowel system for one of the speakers recorded for my thesis, a year-old man. He has a low front-central vowel in halfdistinct from the vowel in trap and identical to the vowel in palm and start.

These latter two are in turn much fronter than the vowel in lot. English, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. The winter weather had long disappeared, giving way to a very early and mild spring. My favourite of them all is the Atlas of North American English. This is my great little Casio Exilim, which I used to take all the photos and videos from Europe and the cross-country road trip last summer.

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Unfortunately, it fell out of its case during the road trip in Grand Junction, Colorado, and was out of service until my parents sent it in for repairs.

I got it back at Christmas. This ominous-looking neo-Gothic buliding sits in the middle of Spadina Crescent, right on the edge of the U of T campus. Downtown Toronto in the foggy night. The interior of the Four Seasons Centre is pretty spiffy and ultramodern. The illuminated staircase is the best part.

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It was incredibly difficult to take a surreptitious photograph during the performance, but I managed to get this semi-visible shot during the final bows. But the dancing was very impressive and all the costumes were pretty sweet.

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On my way home, I walked through Chinatown. I liked how all the brightly-lit signs shone on the wet sidewalks. Another absurdly overdue post.

Auvergne is a region in south-central France that has captured my imagination for quite some time. It is home to the Massif Central, a mountainous region shaped by dormant volcanoes.

It is one of the least densely populated areas of the country and in all of Europe and has a plethora of tranquil nooks and crannies free of any tourists. There is a mystical allure to "Borat soundboard ebaumsworld sexual harassment" place which, along with some photographs of its incredibly beautiful landscapes, compelled me to visit Auvergne at the end of my semester in France. It began with a train journey from Paris to Clermont-Ferrand, the largest city and central hub of Auvergne.

As the train reached the outskirts of the city, my attention was drawn to the towering cathedral in the city centre. Built of black volcanic rock, the rather ominous-looking Gothic spires are hard to miss.

Like the Strasbourg Cathedral, I was fascinated by its massive size and stark contrast to the surrounding buildings. From Clermont-Ferrand, I took a train that winded its way up into the volcanic highlands to the west of the city. Eventually, the forest began to gradually give way to beautiful rolling pastures, carpeted Borat soundboard ebaumsworld sexual harassment colourful spring flowers.

The sun was shining over this idyllic scene and I had my first indication that I had found paradise. My destination in Auvergne was Le Mont-Dore, a small town known for its thermal spas and winter skiing. The other thing that struck me right away in Le Mont-Dore was the purity of the air — it seemed so fresh, so cool — the weather was absolutely perfect.

The town retains a lot of Belle Epoque architecture and everything seems immaculately clean. I think this contributes a good deal to its charm. A park full of bright pink azaleas lines the famous Dordogne River, whose headwaters are found in this mountainous region and which runs through town.

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My first stop in town was my hotel, which, like many buildings in provincial French towns, was inexplicably closed in the middle of the afternoon. However, I called the hotel and the proprietor directed me to the back entrance, where I climbed a spiral staircase up to my room. The room was unlocked, and I soon realised that I had no key and no way to lock the door when I left. What kind of hotel was this?

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