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Shany nail polish review


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You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who These polishes are great! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who does their nails! The price is right and the product is professional quality!! The polish applies to the Shany nail polish review beautifully, evenly. I love the colors in this set because I enjoy doing nail art on my nails, and this kit provides every color I need to have fun doing that!!

At an affordable price too! I'm so glad I came across this product on Amazon because I needed new nail polish but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it! After reading all the good reviews on this kit, I decided to give them a try. So glad I did! The polish also dries within a decent amount of time which is huge for me since I love doing nail art work--I don't want to Shany nail polish review there all day waiting for the polish to dry!

The only con that I can think of for this product is that I wish it would last a little longer on the nails, but even that isn't a big deal because I did my nails a week ago today and my manicure still looks decent. And I waited to right my review on this product a week later on purpose so I could report back on how long the manicure looks nice.

Using a good base and top coat also help with the longevity of any manicure. Again, love this product! I have looked at Shany nail polish review Shany Cosmetics website and have been very impressed with the pricing on all their products, and I'm thinking about getting their pastel kit of nail polish because the price is right and I now know the product is good too!!!

I ordered these as a Christmas gift for my two girls. Today, I was grabbed one by the handle to shake it up since they are usually very thick. Shany nail polish review when I shook it the I don't even know how to explain what exactly happened I was really excited because the colors are very pretty.

Some of them go on smooth and others are super thick. SHANY Cosmetics The Cosmopolitan...

Buy overall it seemed Shany nail polish review a good purchase. Now I'm kind of terrified to try using the rest of them. The picture I included was after the initial clean up and you can still see the polish on my tile and my cupboards are in pretty bad shape. Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Style Name: There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Premium Quality Verified Purchase. There was a problem loading comments right now. I love nail polish. Mine arrived quick and intact. Quickly did me and my daughters nails. Did my rottweilers nails too! I will buy again. I'm torn on how to rate these. The color selection is all right, the glitter ones are my favorite.

They won't last on your nail longer than maybe 2 days. I run Shany nail polish review trouble with them not drying properly also, so you get that soft nail polish that moves, even after a whole day. You really have to let each coat dry completely before adding a second. The brushes are really crappy too. These are kind of the same quality as like dollar store nail polish, or similar to Kleancolor.

Sometimes instead of using nail polish remover, I can actually just peel the polish off lol. I guess that's both good and bad.

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But, I do still Shany nail polish review them, I just change my nail design frequently. The glitter ones are very pigmented, which I wanted. There is 2 red, again, only slightly different. There is a robins egg blue, a pretty electric blue, a pretty bright green, a really nice emerald, there's white, black, and a dark gray that looks almost black.

There's 3 pink, a fuchsia, bright orange, a medium purple, and dark purple. The glitters are gold, silver, dark blue, emerald, fuchsia. They can be worn alone, if you use more than one coat. I recommend having a quality, strong top coat to try and keep your polish or design in place for as long as possible, and leave plenty of time for drying in between adding coats.

I wouldn't buy Shany nail polish review again, and I wouldn't recommend them honestly. But, if they go down in price again, and you just want a bunch of colors to mess around with One person found this helpful.

This set is very nice overall. The 5 glitters are gorgeous and can be used over other polishes or can be used alone because they are glitter in a clear base. The green glitter is fantastic! Most of the other colors are opaque after two coats but the neons need three coats. They glow under blacklight! I gave four stars because the two reds need five coats to become opaque. They are the least vibrant and my least favorite. There is a nice variety of colors and a super cute bubble gum pink!

I would purchase this set again. We bought this for our granddaughter. She was super excited when we gave it to her. She's had a lot of fun using it. She's even taken it to a sleep over. We found out Shany nail polish review the Polish chips like crazy. Two stars because she still uses it and has fun with all the colors. I was torn on whether or not to give these polishes a 3 or 4 star rating.

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I'm very happy with the colors even the neon yellow, as it can still be used for nail art, but I wouldn't use it on my whole nailbut Shany nail polish review quality of the actual polish is why I'm a little up in the air about the star rating. They aren't horrible, by any means, but they're not great either. I haven't used all of the colors yet, but some of the polishes I did apply to my entire nail went on a little streaky thinner in some parts, thicker in othersand absolutely require more than one coat Shany nail polish review which cuts down on the dry time, which is a big bummer for me.

These took far longer than that Shany nail polish review because I put two coats on, pretty thick, in order to avoid streaking. That said, I do think these would be excellent polishes for nail art which I'm getting into latelyand good for your whole nail if you're patient and willing to wait for dry time if you want a pretty Shany nail polish review color. I'm sure one coat would dry quickly, but the color wouldn't be nearly as noticeable that way.

I should also add that when I received these in the mail, it was a pretty hot day, so when I opened the package the bottles of polish were very warm to the touch - which I'm sure can probably diminish the quality of the polish. If other people don't have streaking issues, mine could simply be because of the hot weather, so if you do decide to purchase these, try to wait for a mild weather period.

Other than what I've said so far, the packaging was great; the plastic tray prevents the bottles from breaking during their trip and also stops any leakage from occurring. Very nice choice for nail art, but not necessarily the best choice if you're interested in painting your entire nail unless it had something to do with the very hot weather when I ordered.

They are sticky and pretty much dried up. The others aren't great quality polish. I don't think they will last very long and will end up like the other 2 in no time. The polish is stringy. Even after reading mostly Shany nail polish review reviews, I was a bit skeptical The bottles were all intact, no leaking or breaking, and came in a cute box that I may continue to use.