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Last week, I deleted Facebook from my phone and literally doubled my battery life. Not just overnight, but instantly. You can too--or, if Best mobile hookup apps 2019 videos too extreme a reaction, there are a few simple things you can do to minimize Big Social's impact on how often you need to recharge your phone.

As an electric vehicle owner, I'm familiar with "range anxiety. I'd only have to charge it once a day, or so I hoped. Shockingly, Facebook accounted for 47 percent of my battery use during the previous hour period.

That day, I'd posted a few times, browsed for maybe 30 minutes in four or five sessions, but otherwise left the app to its own devices. Simply opening the app fires up all these features.

It's one thing to have an app drain your battery if you're constantly using it. It's another thing entirely if it's draining your battery while hidden in the background.

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