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Spirogyra asexual reproduction budding


Check new design of our homepage! Spirogyra is also known as pond silk, as its filaments shine like silk due to the presence of mucilage. The outer cell wall has pectin which dissolves continuously, thereby producing the mucilage. Spirogyra filaments are slippery and float in large masses.

Spirogyra is a genus of...

Spirogyra is a genus of green algae that belong to the order Zygnematales. These free-flowing, filamentous algae are characterized by ribbon-shaped chloroplasts that are arranged in a helical manner inside the cells. So the name is derived from the spiral arrangement of chloroplasts Spirogyra asexual reproduction budding these algae.

This feature is unique to this genus, which has around species. Spirogyra - Parts and Structure.

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