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Universal house of justice homosexuality


This sanction has been applied to flagrant homosexuality, as well as public consumption of alcohol, heterosexual promiscuity, and other immorality or behaviors that severely undermine the reputation of the faith.

However this consequence is meant only to be applied in cases of "public scandal", or "very flagrant cases". Shoghi Effendithe appointed Universal house of justice homosexuality of the religion from totaught that "through the advice and help of doctors, through a strong and determined effort, and through prayer, a soul can overcome this handicap.

The concept of homosexuality as a changeable condition or as a disease in need of a cure has been largely dismissed recently by mental health professionals. The Universal House of Justice responds to recent research that claims that homosexuality is innate and not changeable by asserting that homosexuality is one of.

They also argue that statistics may be distorted due to underreporting, [23] that other genetic predispositions to undesirable behaviors exist, and that other types Universal house of justice homosexuality bias may exist in the present-day research.

Letters from the Universal House...

In other verses, sodomy is Universal house of justice homosexuality forbidden but is not distinguished as being only homosexual sodomy. Shoghi Effendi and the Universal House of Justice later made more direct statements on homosexuality, [26] in one case Shoghi Effendi said: The National Spiritual Assembly of the United Kingdom distributed a statement prepared for a London, UK, education group about the teaching about homosexuality within the school system.

The Assembly stated that "the statement does not claim to be exhaustive, but it can be used with wisdom as part of a response to questions. Outside of marital life there can be no lawful or healthy use of the sex impulse. This may require a hard struggle, but so also can be the struggle of a heterosexual person to control his or her desires. To say that it is ideal is no excuse.

This does not mean that people so afflicted must not be helped and advised and sympathized with. Implicit in the acceptance of this claim is the commitment of the believer to embark on the lifelong process of endeavouring to implement the teachings on personal conduct. Associated with this invitation is the expectation that all believers will make a sincere and persistent effort to eradicate those aspects of their conduct which are Universal house of justice homosexuality in conformity with Divine Law.

Obviously at the present time this would create an impossible and ridiculous situation. He feels, "Universal house of justice homosexuality," that, through loving advice, through repeated warnings, any friends who are flagrantly immoral should be assisted, and, if possible, restrained.

If their activities overstep all bounds and become a matter of public scandal, then the Assembly can consider depriving them of their voting rights. However, he does not advise this course of action and feels that it should only be resorted to in very flagrant cases. If after a period of probation you do not see an improvement, he should have his voting rights taken away. Any individual so afflicted must, through prayer, and any other means, seek to overcome this handicap.

But, unless the actions of such individuals are flagrantly immoral, it cannot be "Universal house of justice homosexuality" pretext for depriving them of their voting rights. The unmarried homosexual is therefore in the same position as anyone else who does not marry.

The Law of God requires them to practice chastity. These are the same requirements as for a heterosexual person who does not marry.

Reflections on the Bahai teachings

Thus, the idea that homosexuality is a mental disorder or that the emergence of same-gender sexual desires among some adolescents is in any way abnormal or mentally unhealthy has no support among health and mental health professional organizations. Rather, it sees this as an aberration subject to treatment, however intractable exclusive homosexuality may now seem to be.

To the question of alteration of homosexual bents, much study must be given, and doubtless in the future clear principles of prevention and treatment will emerge. As for those now afflicted, a homosexual does not decide to be a problem human, but he Universal house of justice homosexuality, as you rightly state, have decision in choosing his way of life, i. Your work with the homosexual community is praiseworthy, and it permits you personally to exercise the support which is necessary for these often harassed persons, support which you call for in your essay.

Moreover, your interest cannot but be therapeutic, at least for the more superficial elements of the problem; however, definitive therapy of the underlying predisposition, which you consider to be innate but the Teachings do not, may have "Universal house of justice homosexuality" await additional investigations.

If you are sincerely intent on overcoming your problem, you must yourself determine to resist wayward impulses each time they arise and the House of Justice feels that there is no better way than to turn to the Writings to divert our thoughts into spiritual channels On the contrary, the House of Justice feels that just such words can be a great help to the individuals concerned.

Human beings suffer from many problems, both physical and psychological.

Some human beings are born blind, some suffer from incapacitating accidents or diseases. Such conditions present the individual affected, and those around him, with Universal house of justice homosexuality problems, and it is one of the challenges of the human condition that all those concerned should strive to overcome such problems and have understanding and sympathy for the individual so afflicted. Some people nowadays maintain that homosexuality is not an abnormality and that homosexuals should be encouraged to establish sexual relations with one or more partners of the same sex.

The Faith, on the contrary, makes it abundantly clear that homosexuality is an abnormality, is a great problem for the individual so afflicted, and that he or she should strive to overcome it. The social implications of such an attitude are very important. The primary purpose of sexual relations is, clearly, to perpetuate the species. The fact that personal pleasure is derived therefrom is one of the bounties of God.

While in authoritative teachings homosexuality...

The sex act is merely one moment in a long process, from courtship through marriage, the procreation of children, their nursing and rearing, and involves the establishment of a mutually sustaining relationship between two souls which will endure beyond life on this earth.

Nevertheless there are undoubtedly cases in which the individual finds himself or Universal house of justice homosexuality unable to eliminate a physical attraction to members of the same sex, even though he succeeds in controlling his behavior.

This is but one of the many trials and temptations to which human beings are subject in this life.

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