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Intimidating boxing songs


Latest Fails Funny News Awesome. These are some of the songs boxers have used to get themselves and the crowd psyched before a big fight.

Published November 15, Who Would Actually Win? If these two greats could have fought in their prime, who has the advantage? You May Also Like. Thanksgiving food is the best. Inspiring Words From Boxing Legends Just because they get punched in Intimidating boxing songs face doesn't mean they're not quotable. In a career that spanned fromRenaldo Snipes won 39 fights, and one of his songs of choice when entering the ring was this Frank Sinatra classic.


Which makes sense because, let's be honest, there weren't many people tougher than Ol' Blue Eyes. Inafter being out of the ring for over a year, Manny Pacquiao chose "Roar" as the song for "Intimidating boxing songs" comeback fight against Brandon Rios.

For example, the songs have...

Pac Man won the fight, although the outcome may have been different if he had gone with "I Kissed A Girl. Mike Tyson - "What's My Name? Everyone still knows what your name is.

This was Bowe's entrance music for his fight against Evander Holyfield. Winning wasn't "Against All Odds" - Bowe became the first fighter to defeat Holyfield, and later knocked him out in a rematch. He has 30 knockouts, so his opponents have done plenty of "Free Fallin'. Larry Holmes' signature entrance song was this disco Intimidating boxing songs. Usually, "Let's Get It On" refers to getting romantic in the "Intimidating boxing songs."

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