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Religion homosexuality articles

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The shift in the understanding of homosexuality from sin, crime and pathology to a normal variant of human sexuality occurred in the late 20 th century. Many countries have since decriminalised homosexual behavior and some have recognised same-sex civil unions and marriage. The new understanding was based on studies that documented a high prevalence of same-sex feelings and behavior in men and women, its prevalence across cultures and among almost all non-human primate species.

Research Religion homosexuality articles demonstrated that people with homosexual orientation did not have any objective psychological dysfunction or impairments in judgement, stability and vocational capabilities.

Psychiatric, psychoanalytic, medical and mental health professionals now consider homosexuality as a normal variation of human sexuality. Human sexuality is complex.

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The fact that these dimensions may not always be congruent Religion homosexuality articles individuals suggests complexity of the issues. Bisexuality, both sequential and concurrent, and discordance between biological sex and gender role and identity add to the issues.

Medicine and psychiatry employ terms like homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality and trans-sexuality Religion homosexuality articles encompass all related issues, while current social usage argues for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBTwhich focuses on identities.

The prevalence of homosexuality is difficult to estimate for many reasons, including the associated stigma and social repression, the unrepresentative samples surveyed and the failure to distinguish desire, behavior and identity.

The figures vary between age groups, regions and cultures. Medicine and science continue to debate the relative contributions of nature and nurture, biological and psychosocial factors, to sexuality. On the other hand, constructivists support the role of culture and history.

While essentialism and constructionism, on the surface appear contradictory, they may mediate orientation and identity, respectively. Anthropologists have documented significant variations in the organisation and meaning of same-sex practices across cultures and changes within Religion homosexuality articles societies over time. The universality of same-sex expression coexists with variations in its meaning and practice across culture.

Cross-cultural studies highlight the limits of any single explanation of homosexuality within a particular society.

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Classical theories of psychological development hypothesize the origins of adult sexual orientation in childhood experience. It is unlikely that a unique set of characteristics or a single pathway will explain all adult homosexuality. The argument that homosexuality is a stable phenomenon is based on the consistency of same-sex attractions, Religion homosexuality articles failure of attempts to change and the lack of success with treatments to alter orientation.

Anti-homosexual attitudes, once considered the norm, have changed Religion homosexuality articles time in many social and institutional settings in the west. However, heterosexism, which idealises heterosexuality, considers it the norm, denigrates and stigmatises all non-heterosexual forms of behavior, identity, relationships and communities, is also common.

In addition to the challenges of living in a predominantly heterosexual world, the diversity within people with homosexual orientation results in many different kinds of issues.

The stages of the life cycle childhood, adolescence, middle and old agefamily and relationships present diverse concerns. In most circumstances, the psychiatric issues facing gay, lesbian and bisexual people are similar to those of the general Religion homosexuality articles. However, the complexities in these identities require tolerance, respect and a nuanced understanding of sexual matters.

Clinical assessments should be detailed and go beyond routine labelling and assess different issues related to lifestyle choices, identity, relationships and social supports. Helping people understand their sexuality and providing support for living in a predominantly heterosexual world is mandatory.

People with homosexual orientation face many hurdles including the conflicts in acknowledging their homosexual feelings, the "Religion homosexuality articles" of disclosure and the problems faced in coming out.

Gay-affirmative psychotherapies have been developed, which help people cope with the awareness of being same-sex oriented and with social stigmatization. There is no evidence for the effectiveness of sexual conversion therapies. In fact, there is evidence that such attempts may cause more harm than good, including inducing depression and Religion homosexuality articles dysfunction. However, faith-based groups and counsellors pursue such attempts at conversion using yardsticks, which do not meet scientific standards.

Physicians should provide medical service with compassion and respect for human dignity for all people irrespective of their sexual orientation. The landmark judgement of the Delhi High Court, which declared that Section of the Indian Penal Code violates fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution, was in keeping with international, human rights and secular and legal trends. There are few small case series in psychiatric literature detailing homosexuality in males and its treatment with aversion therapy.

It places Religion homosexuality articles responsibility on the individual without critically examining the social context, which is stigmatising and repressing. The ubiquitous use of disease models for mental disorders is rarely questioned.

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