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Speed dating comic


Speed dating comic soon as I received the email notification about it, I knew I had to go. What would possibly make a more perfect Head Over Feels post? I must be the target demo. The day drew nearer, and I started to actually get a little excited. I love people who love things. I assumed the room would be filled with guys like this:.

I arrived at the Javits Center last night and made my way through throngs of anime characters, Marvel superheroes, and several decent Marty McFlys Doc Brown was signing at the Autograph Table. The guys were around another corner.

No peeking, I suppose. There were some fine looking women in my group. I predicted that the tattooed hottie in the sexy Ewok outfit would get the most numbers. Do with that what you will.


We chatted while we waited — most girls had never speed dated before, but most were Comic Con veterans. Some were with friends, some were rolling solo like me. Two long tables were at either side of the room, with 30 or so numbered sheets of paper that were otherwise blank.

The host of the Speed dating comic introduced himself and gave us The Talk.

Join us at our FUN...

If we felt uncomfortable or unsafe during a date, we were to stretch our arms and Speed dating comic our back. Once the date was done, he would follow up, get the story, and probably toss the guy out. Finally, the moment of truth. The guys filed into the room. No love at first sight, but also no immediate evidence of serial killing tendencies.

Not even a Dexter cosplay. We were given the lowdown on the process — 3 minutes, no names, guys rotate, and keep track of the numbers of the dates we liked on our cards. Let me just say: Comic Con draws a pleasantly diverse group in age, race, and background. No "Speed dating comic" was cripplingly shy or scary or inappropriate. I just have a few pieces of constructive criticism:.

If you want to date a geek girl, you should probably get used to hearing about this guy.

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No love connection for me, but a few of the guys wrote their contact info on my sheet. Speed dating comic only excruciating part came at the end, when our host held us hostage and made us listen to his celebrity impressions.

I can…sort of relate to this, specifically the nerdy guys being weird while trying to impress you.

Salt Lake City-based Super Sonic...

So he starts following me and trying to talk to me, and he asks me who my favorite Doctor is. I say Matt Smith and he starts rolling his eyes and scoffing at me. You will get into my pants by loving things, not by hating things. Because I also love people who love things. Was it the bigger guy who was the host? He met his wife at the speed dating I think?

Yeah, I think they were filming another episode Speed dating comic this year. Was he super annoying on TV too? I kind of adore him to a sick degree!

I have dreams of dreams about finding a guy who loves tv and things like I do. I assumed the room would be filled with guys like this: Or maybe even this: I just have a few pieces of constructive criticism: All of a sudden, what should be a low-stress conversation is an audition.

Do not question our loves. Speed dating comic of Cuteness shirt, several guys responded with incredulity. Every girl with a Tumblr is in love with him.

Comments I can…sort of relate to this, specifically the nerdy guys being weird while trying to impress you. I love everything about this comment.

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