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What does godly hookup look like


Sex was designed to be good. Within the context of marriage, it is good. Physical intimacy grows more meaningful the better you know your partner and the more you care for them.

And the second is like it: Song of Solomon "What does godly hookup look like" takes us into the bedroom of Solomon and his bride, immediately after their wedding. After all of that waiting, and all of that patience, they take their time. So Solomon takes his time appreciating the beauty of his bride. His intimate knowledge of his bride told him that to love her well, building her confidence in her body image was the place to start. And because Solomon was very wise, What does godly hookup look like also knew that insecure women do not feel safe.

Nor do they feel free and sexually uninhibited. He compliments the face he sees behind the veil Song of Solomon 4: Her body was something to gently approach.

It was not something to snatch up greedily. Sex is designed to be mutually satisfying. Chandler believes one source of frustration in the bedroom is pornography, or perhaps more broadly, the root of pornography—male lust.

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Pornography and the sexualization of all-things-women creates false expectations. You need a real, broken man and a real, broken woman to complete it. At best, the selflessness is one-sided. Tenderness ultimately leads to the most loving, mutually satisfying outcome.

There were mountain peaks, wild animals—a romantic ferocity, a passion taking place.

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They were being transported! This was one of those. They felt swept away. The passion was so great that this What does godly hookup look like became about more than sex and physical gratification.

It became the culmination and the means of something greater, something beyond themselves. It was awash with glory, not about urges but unction. When you read Song of Solomon 4: He was comparing her body to something no one had ever seen before, something beautiful and valuable and unique—all using other things he loved, cared about, and invested in.

The freedom of the marriage bed is seen here to be a correlation of, for instance, entering the Holy of Holies after being forbidden access for so long. Sex is an earthly pleasure—but it points us to something other-worldly. Matt says that in Jewish tradition, the north wind represents strength and the south wind represents gentleness.

And it can remind us that men desire for their wives to What does godly hookup look like them too. Matt goes on to say that he believes intimacy issues often result from one spouse being unable to reciprocate this desire.

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This inability to reciprocate, he believes, comes from a distorted understanding of sex—when one spouse sees it as dirty, forbidden, or still somehow sinful which could be the result of past sexual sin or trauma. But I think the inability to reciprocate desire can just as often stem from a different lack of reciprocation. If men and women do in fact naturally enjoy sex in different ways, and we are more likely to naturally do what feels good What does godly hookup look like us, that could drastically change how your spouse understands you when you say that you want to have sex.

Throughout Song of Solomon, the attraction is mutual. The passion is mutual. The sexual fulfillment is mutual. Each spouse is pleasing and being pleased. At the end of their time together, Solomon and his What does godly hookup look like were full—or rather, drunk Song of Solomon 5: They feasted, and they were satisfied.

Lust always wants more. Sooner or later, it collapses along with the broken people left in its wake. Lust steers us towards a desire for more, but without the emotional and spiritual commitment of marriage—without love—it cannot serve the purpose it was designed for.

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