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What makes a person sexy


According to The Telegraphscientists in Geneva have discovered that determining whether we are attracted to someone is one of the most complex tasks that the brain undertakes, possibly second to trying to get out of a speeding ticket.

Any child who has played with Mr Potato head would agree that it is helpful to have a face that has two sides. It's even better if the sides are relatively matched.

As Sarah Knapton points out in The Telegraph"Facial symmetry is also linked to agreeableness, extroversion and conscientiousness, so good-looking people generally find it easier to make friends and hold down jobs.

Fossilized evidence shows that bilateral symmetry had already taken hold in animals as early as million years ago, well before mirrors were invented. Animals, unable to see themselves, had to ask their friends if What makes a person sexy tail feathers were matched, before they hit the singles scene. Life in the Boomer Lane knows, without seeing or hearing her readers, that, having read the title of this section, most of you are now allowing the extremely limited amount of grey matter you devote to reading this blog to letting your imaginations run wild.

You are, in fact, rapidly sinking to an embarrassing junior high school level of humor, as well as mentally forming clever comments you can leave for LBL's enjoyment.

But, let's get serious, here. Again, according to UK Telegraph: The longer the ring finger is in comparison with the index finger, the more testosterone was present. For those of you who are now running What makes a person sexy your husband's or boyfriend's study with a ruler in hand, The Telegraph warns, "but In contrast those whose fingers are a similar length are more likely to seek long-term relationships and stay faithful.

So, here is the rub You didn't think LBL wouldn't stoop to some low-level humor herself, did you?

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