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Mtv roadies raghu wife sexual dysfunction

Raghu Ram screams, swears and...

One would think that a reality show that provokes its guests non-stop on national television, would be doomed at the outset.

However, 10 years after hitting television screens, MTV Roadies has become a cult youth brand.

Roadies has been called many things - a reality show, a travel show, Mtv roadies raghu wife sexual dysfunction, a competition and, of late, a cult show. But what is undisputed is that it is India's longest running reality show in the youth genre.

Bring in other genres into the comparison and there are only Sa Ra Ga Ma and Antakshari both from Zee that can boast of such longevity. Roadies is a youth reality show where the contestants bike from one place to another performing various challenging tasks laid out by the programmers along the way.

Victory depends on how he or she performs. And just as any other reality show, Roadies has its own audience though not as big as one on a GECa digital presence, merchandising units and marketing campaigns. The show has auditioned over 1.

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Not everyone thinks Roadies is in a niche, though. Laughs one media planner, "With 60 per cent of the population being youth, I don't understand how it is niche. The format has also been adapted internationally in some Asian countries. Pakistan was the first one to adopt it, in The channel is in talks with a couple of other countries too, including Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Universally known as Raghu, the year-old creative director and co-producer, Mtv roadies raghu wife sexual dysfunction Roadies, is the brain behind the show. It is rumoured that Raghu - who is the face of the show, alongside Rannvijay Singh Sangha, the other host and the winner of Roadies Season 1 - had approached the channel in with the concept, but was rejected. The rest was history. When Roadies was launched, it was a travel show in which a few youngsters travelled on Karizma bikes.

This continued for Mtv roadies raghu wife sexual dysfunction seasons, after which the format was changed and it became competitive. Win at all costs, went the refrain.