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Albertini lombardia candidating


The Lombard regional election of took place on 24 and 25 February and was the first snap election in Lombard political history, and the first one paired with a general election.

The 10th term of the Regional Council was chosen. Lombardy used for the first time its own legislation to elect its Council, very similar to national Tatarella Law of The new electoral law was adopted before the resignation of 74 members of the Council on October 26, "Albertini lombardia candidating" The winning coalition receives a jackpot of at least 45 seats, which are divided between all majority parties using the D'Hondt methodas it happens between the losing lists.

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Each party then distributes its seats to its provincial lists, where candidates are openly selected. On 16 OctoberFormigoni announced the dissolution of the regional legislature after one of his commissioners, Domenico Zambetti of the PdL was Albertini lombardia candidating on accusations he bought votes from the 'Ndrangheta in and extorted favours and public building contracts, including construction tenders for the World Expo in Milan.

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On 15 December the center-left primary election took place to decide the official candidate of the coalition in the election. There were three candidates: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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