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What is an eligible bachelor


Besides generating debate, the list of eligible bachelors always leaves women rubbing their hands in glee as they, to borrow street parlance, kula kwa macho. Generally, women tend to be attracted to unattached men with higher social standing, especially those who have great looks.

However, desperate to get such men to commit, women forget they are not ordinary and average Joes. Thus, their endeavours to make inroads into their hearts always end in futility. Crazy Monday investigations, however, reveal there are many obvious mistakes women make when trying to get eligible or senior bachelors to commit.

From our observations and responses from several bachelors we spoke to, an eligible bachelor has to be heterosexual to the core, must have absolutely no desire for marriage regardless of his advancing age or any form of committed relationships.

Interestingly, the female equivalents of eligible bachelors are not such a big fascination anymore. Thus, getting away with marriage becomes very easy for them. Seemingly, there is more scrutiny for men. Ours being a conservative society, many people see no reason why a man should What is an eligible bachelor unmarried after Basically, around here, as a man you must get married. He argues that even if the marriage fails, at least get divorced, separated or estranged.

But just for the sake of your clan, you must marry at least once in your lifetime. So bad is the situation for eligible bachelors across Kenya that in some places the usual respect of the young to the old is not paid to these men.

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In some traditional set ups or forums, bachelors are not allowed to speak and if they have to they speak last, after their married juniors, including women. Bachelors, too, have to contend with many other stereotypical disadvantages.

For instance, among their peers, they tend to be the fall guy whose married friends turns to when seeking an excuse for sleeping away from home or after a long night out. Also, none of your married friends risks leaving you around their wives, for they know your record and assume you always up to no "What is an eligible bachelor." Despite the stereotypes, senior bachelors continue to casually and leisurely fly and wander all over solo because they are afraid of perching.

Any woman interested in taking such types home to roost needs to study patterns of their behaviour and update her dating rule book, as we learnt from victims of such men.

An eligible bachelor is a...

As a certain Judith, a senior bachelorette claims, women who are looking for love are likely to find luck in married quarters than among bachelors. Bachelors hardly call back the evening or day after getting intimate.

With these guys, it is never about the woman.

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